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Matters needing attention in the use of automobile traction rope


Now people's life is more and more convenient, many families have their own cars, but after all, the car is a machine, even a good car may have problems. If the car breaks down on the road and is unable to continue, unless there is a major steering or braking problem, it can be towed back and fixed later. That's where a tow rope is needed.

[Precautions] :

1. can not exceed the specified load;

2. can not drag on the rough surface;

3. Can not be used for towing repair of structural damage;

4. When towing the trailer, it should be pulled tightly and slowly, and can not be pulled rapidly.

5. Frequent inspection should be made to ensure the normal use of towing.

One end of the trailer rope is tied to the front end of the rear axle steel plate of the front car, and the other end is tied to the front suspension of the rear car as close as possible to the central position of the vehicle. The two cars should be separated by more than a few meters. It is best to tie a handkerchief to the middle of the tow rope as a identification marker.

When towing, the experienced driver should drive the car behind, because the car behind is difficult to control, a little negligence or improper operation, there may be pressure on the trailer rope, or but bend, chase accident.

When the trailer starts, because of the extra burden of the weight of a car, the car in front must fuel more to improve the engine speed, and then slowly release the clutch pedal, let the rope tighten before starting. Do not drive at high speed, even if the road conditions are good.

When the front car changes gears, the tow rope will loosen. At this point, the car being towed must not apply the brake. Otherwise, when the car in front refuels, the trailer rope will suddenly tighten and be impacted. Only when the rope falls to the ground can you tap the brake gently.

If the slope is long, you can untie the rope and let the two cars slide down separately, which is very safe. If the ramp is not long, you can go downhill with a rope hanging from it. The car in front of you can easily avoid braking, while the car behind you can tap on the brakes to keep the rope tight all the time.

To stop at the intersection, the car in front of the first light on a few brakes, to the car behind a signal, and then the car behind the brakes, both cars to stop. When turning, you must pay attention to make a big circle and try to tighten the rope so as not to be in danger.