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The common problem of the farm jack


1. The farm jack will leak oil. This seriously affects the working efficiency of the hydraulic jack and needs maintenance.
2. Most of the causes of the farm jack leakage phenomenon are caused by the oxidation of the sealing ring. If the sealing ring is used for a long time, it will inevitably be easy to oxidize, resulting in oil leakage.
3. Only by finding the cause of farm jack oil leakage of hydraulic jack can the problem be solved. The sealing ring is a vulnerable part, and oxidation is normal.
4. Another reason is that the jack is biased during the application process. The farm jack must be placed on the starting top. To solve this problem, a new set of sealing rings should be prepared for installation. The sealing rings on the market can be large or small.
5. Remove it to see if the oil seal is broken. Replace the oil seal. Also, check whether the lining ring is worn, as shown by the eccentric wear of the oil seal.
6. If the oil seal lining ring is replaced and there is oil leakage, that is, the cylinder liner is deformed. The jack is overweight and overloaded. According to the expansion of the cylinder liner, it is useless to replace any oil seal. The jack can be said to be scrapped.
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