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How to choose wheel spacer?


How to select wheel spacer
1.(wheel spacer) The connection between the hub and the axle mainly depends on their contact surface and the friction generated when the screws are pressed to ensure the correct connection between the hub and the axle, so as to ensure the safety of the hub and the axle during vehicle driving. After adding shims, the friction surface will become two surfaces, which is bound to have a certain impact. Therefore, we must select products with good material and workmanship accuracy to ensure safety.

2. During installation of the wheel spacer, it must be observed that the gasket or flange can fully fit with the contact surface of the hub and axle, and try to make the added gasket or flange form a whole with the hub and axle.

3. Brand assurance(wheel spacer): buy gaskets or flanges produced by familiar modified brands. After all, big brands will have more design assurance, strict testing process and reliable materials when developing these products.