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The importance of the wheel spacer


In addition to increasing the aesthetics, the important purpose of adding vehicle's wheel spacer is to increase the track width on the basis of the original track width, so as to make the vehicle more stable in the dynamic process of bending. Of course, the stability of the car during cornering will also be affected by shock absorbers, tires, anti roll bars and other parts, (wheel spacer)but on the premise that these factors remain unchanged, only from the perspective of track width, the wider the track width, the lower the lateral weight transfer, and the degree of cornering stability will also increase. Of course, we can not simply and roughly draw a conclusion from theory. The thicker the vehicle wheel spacer is used, the more the cornering stability increases. The use of wheel gaskets with a thickness inconsistent with the vehicle will not only affect the appearance, but also do not comply with the aerodynamic principle and affect the driving performance of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to add gaskets to your car, please go to a professional car modification store for consultation.