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Why we need wheel spacer and its function


01. Reasons for adding wheel spacer
The wheel spacer is beautiful. After refitting the car, the addition of hub gasket and flange will make the car better coordinated with hub tires.
Performance. The performance referred to here focuses on vehicle stability and improving vehicle cornering roll. When the coaxial track is added, it does improve the stability of the car at high speed and cornering. Moreover, for the driver, the position of the wheel hub and tire will feel better.

02. Function of the wheel spacer

1. Change the hole spacing. There are four holes and five holes on the wheel hub. Some holes have a large distance from each other, and some are relatively small. At this time, a flange is needed to connect the hole position of the original vehicle and the wheel hub.

2. Increase the space in the hub. Generally speaking, when refitting, such as the big six pistons, due to the limited space inside the original wheel hub, it may be uncoordinated after installation. At this time, there are two options, one is to replace the hub with low et value, and the other is the gasket flange.
3. Change the elevation. Some cars can adjust the elevation directly, others can't. At this time, you can pad a gasket with narrow top and wide bottom, but this is a low-cost modification method, which is not used by many people.