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What are the use methods and precautions of shackles?


Use method and precautions of shackle:

1. Before operation, check whether the shackle model is matched and whether the link is firm and reliable.

2. Do not use bolts or metal bars instead of pins.

3. The lifting process is not allowed to have a large impact and collision.

4. The pin shaft should rotate flexibly in the bearing and lifting hole, and there is no jam and resistance phenomenon.

5. The shackle body shall not bear the effect of transverse bending distance, that is, the bearing capacity shall be in the body plane.

6. When the bearing capacity in the body plane has different angles, the maximum working load of the shackle is also adjusted.

7. The maximum Angle between the legs of the shackle bearing rigging is 120 degrees.

8. The shackle should correctly support the load, that is, the force is invited along the center line of the shackle, so as to avoid bending, unstable load and overload. Qingdao vigorously lifting.

9. Avoid eccentric load of shackles.

10. When the shackle is matched with the steel wire rope and used as the help rigging, the cross pin part of the shackle should be connected with the cable eye of the steel wire rope and the shackle, so as to avoid friction between the steel wire rope and the shackle when the rigging is lifted, resulting in the rotation of the cross pin, resulting in the separation of the cross pin and the buckle.

11. According to the frequency of use and bad working conditions, Chengdu shall determine a reasonable periodical inspection. The periodical inspection period shall not be less than half a year, and the longest shall not exceed one year, and the inspection record shall be made.